Into Outox is an attempt to demonstrate not only the artist's physical reaction to the sensation of intoxication but also the psychological or perhaps even spiritual response to what is now at the heart of much of modern life. Thorp highlights how social engagement has become entwined with insobriety, with drunkeness causing psychological and biological side effects such as anxiety, paranoia, imbalance.

As with Thorp's previous works the medium establishes a duality - photographic reality in its clearest form and an indistinct more mystical threshold to the unknown. Marks extrude from a torso with no individual identity apart from the suggestion of human form through clothing. These figures float on top of a synthetic environment that evokes a mundane stereotypical setting such as the pub or a nightclub, places that are recognised for social gathering.

By working with different layers Thorp expresses the need to segregate the social environment from the physical and the physical from the psychological. Thus providing a dialogue that questions the effects of intoxicants and whether or not their enhances or detracts from our life experiences.